"A Multisensor 4-D Blended Water Vapor Product for Weather Forecasting"

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Project Description

Our Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere (CIRA) team (Stan Kidder, John Forsythe, Andy Jones) is collaborating with the NASA Short-term Prediction Research and Transition Center to create layered, multisensor, blended, atmospheric moisture products for forecasters. The NASA AIRS and NOAA MIRS sounding systems are currently being explored. Both relative humidity (RH) and layered precipitable water (LPW) are being examined. The project is entitled "A Multisensor 4-D Blended Water Vapor Product for Weather Forecasting" and is supported by NASA ROSES Grant Number NNX11AL77G.

Upcoming Presentations

March 6, 2013 NWS Briefing


Q: How many layers of water vapor are created? A: 4 layers (Sfc-850, 850-700, 700-500, 500-300 hPa)

Q: How often is the product updated? A: Every three hours, at 00:30, 03:30, 06:30... 21:30 UTC

Q: What is the spatial resolution? A: The product is mapped onto the same 16 km Mercator grid as the Operational NOAA Blended TPW

Contact us

PI: Stan Kidder (email: Stanley.Kidder at colostate.edu)

Co-I: John Forsythe (email: John.Forsythe at colostate.edu)

Co-I: Andy Jones (email: Andrew.S.Jones at colostate.edu)

We are teamed with the NASA SPoRT Center